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Topics Covered in the Resume Workshop:

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  • All about the Resume Objective

  • Order of Resume Sections

  • The Experience Section

  • The Skills Section

  • Things to Avoid

  • Resume Examples

  • Sending Your Resume

  • Question and Answer

Resume Services

Film Production Resume Services

 Resume Services

Creating a Film Industry Resume is a very daunting and difficult task. Let’s be honest – sometimes you’re flying blind when it comes to making a Film Production Resume. You can ease the pain with the resume services offered.

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These services are for anyone looking to get into film, or get further in your film career, whether you have no experience, a few credits, or a bunch of experience.

Resume Tips


Film Production resumes do differ a bit from a regular corporate world resume. Here we address the common mistakes found on resumes submitted to people hiring PAs.



You only have about 20 seconds before they decide whether or not they want to continue with you or you made it in the “No” pile. Utilize that one page to the max, but wisely.


Your name should stand out!

A good rule to follow is your name should be the biggest item on that page. Don’t be obnoxious about it, but it should def stand out in some way.


Check spelling, spacing, grammar, and proper punctuation.

Please make sure not to have any of these mistakes. People notice these. If you have any of these errors on your resume people will think you are careless and don’t have an attention to detail.


Your resume is about you, not the companies you’ve worked for. 

A lot of the times on resumes we’ve received they highlight all the companies they’ve worked for thinking that is the major selling point. The truth is – the position you held there weighs more in importance. Highlight or bold  your position rather than the company you worked for. Make it clear what you did there. Don’t let that information get lost in your resume.


Your resume should be quick to read and aesthetically pleasing. 

Your resume has to look clean and organized. Keep playing with your format to figure out how to utilize that 1 page with as much info as possible but at the same time easy to read. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a traditional format or go with a more modern and fun format.


You don’t need to include your mailing address in your contact info. 

A lot of people assume they need to put where they live on a resume. This is not true. Sometimes this can even hurt you. Don’t let people worry about your commute. It’s none of their business where you live until they have to mail you a check for the work you just did for them. Especially if you are trying to relocate – don’t include it. Many companies will not even consider you knowing you are trying to relocate.


Show your personality/characteristics, not just your work experience. 

We’ve seen so many resumes where all they give is what work they did. While that is what a resume is, the company/person is still hiring a person. Are you a leader? Are you a great problem solver? Maybe you’re a good mediator. Do you deal well under pressure? Do you have negotiating skills? Communication skills? Are you a wiz at social media managing? TELL THEM IN YOUR RESUME!


Always send your resume in a PDF format.

It’s a much easier file to deal with over all platforms. Don’t give anyone a headache with anything else. Save the Word format for your own editing.


Save your resume with your name in the file name. 

For example: BillyDelgado_Resume.pdf 

This makes it easier for the person to find your resume later. It just improves overall organization. Remember you aren’t the only one applying.

Please keep all of these in mind for when you write your resume. If you submit a resume for resume review we expect you to follow these tips prior to submitting.

I hope these resume tips helped you. Need a bit more help? Here is a Video about Production Resumes: