Set Production Assistant Training Course

Upcoming Class: TBD

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If you’re not in the NYC area there is an Online course too! 


Place: NYC

(Location disclosed once full payment is received)


Time: 9am-5pm

(with half hour break)


Materials Needed: Pen, Notebook, and an Open Mind!

(Prep/Dress for the weather – as there will be an outside portion to the class)


Cost: $250 per person

($50 Deposit is required to reserve your seat, space is limited. There are no refunds if you don’t show up to the class, and no exchanges for a different class date.)


What you get: 

  • Walkie Training/Etiquette/Practice
  • Lock-up demonstrations
  • Film set terms
  • Photos/Visuals of what you see on set
  • Examples of paperwork from set
  • How to get jobs/Where to find them
  • Set Expectations
  • What your “boss” expects of you
  • What a PA does
  • Resume review – let’s get your resume to look better so you get those interviews/callbacks!
  • Question/Answer session – Ask your instructor anything.
  • Small Class size. All training sessions are limited to 10 people. So, you’re not just a number in a giant class. I want to get to know the folks in my class!
  • You will be added to the Beyond Film School team of PA’s. Your instructor may potentially hire you for one of their sets!
PA training 2020
February 16, 2020 Set Production Assistant Training

What You Also Get!

After the class I don’t just leave you hanging. You get access to me when you need it! I become one of your contacts in the industry, one of your film friends you can rely on if you ever encounter something you’re not sure about. I’m there for you. I want you to keep in contact with me, let me know how you’re doing in your career.

I don’t just leave you there floating around like some other programs.

Beyond Film School PA training course
March 10, 2019 Production Assistant Training Class


Trainees from the Beyond Film School Set PA Training Course have gone on to work on many projects, big and small, including:

  • “New Amsterdam”  TV Series (NBC)

  • “Power”  TV Series (Starz)

  • “Wicked Image” (Web series)

  • “Enemy Within” TV Series  (NBC)

  • “Modern Love”  TV Series (Amazon)

  • “Keane Vs” Independent Web series

  • “Benefits Not included” Independent Short Film

  • “Bluebirds” Independent Short Film

  • “Mutiny” Independent Short film

  • “The Rehearsal” Independent Mini TV series

  • “Orange is the New Black” TV series (Netflix)

  • “Sneaky Pete” TV Series (Amazon)



Please reserve your seat by filling out the registration below.


Deposit: $50.00


Full Course Amount: $250.00


Pay Remaining Balance: $200.00


*remainder must be paid by ~~~ or deposit is forfeited*


Need to set up a payment plan? Let me know. I work with you and your situation. 


Once payment/deposit is received you will receive a confirmation email from me to confirm your seat.


Do you have any Questions? Check out the FAQ’s page, or feel free to contact me!