Beyond Film School Favorite Product Picks

Beyond Film School Favorite Product Picks!

Set Production Assistant Gear

People always ask me “What do I need as a PA?” Well here are my suggestions. I bring to you the Beyond Film School favorite product picks!

I added some weather gear as well, because I definitely learned the hard way. Don’t get stuck outside when it’s pouring rain, or freezing out without the proper gear on. Even when the callsheet says a scene might be interior, it doesn’t mean you will be.

Always be prepared. When it comes to winter gear, dress in layers! When it comes to rain, always go water PROOF. Not water evap-tech, or quick drying. WATERPROOF!

Look professional, this guy lasts so long!

Stay Organized

Sometimes you need a knife!

Sometimes you don’t have enough pockets

A belt might be your style

Always have a sharpie!

My Favorite Jacket for the Winter!

Layer Up folks!

You need a good boot!

Don’t get caught in the rain
without a waterproof jacket

Rain Pants can make a crappy
day an awesome day!

No one likes wet feet!

Favorite Everyday Footwear

Take care of your FEET! Wear footwear that is comfortable and has the support needed. You will be on your feet for hours! These are the brands and styles I see the most on set, and my personal favorite is definitely Asics sneakers!

Favorite Books

Do you need film school? I would say no. You don’t NEED it. Don’t be afraid to read up on the topic of filmmaking. There are so many books out there (the very same books that film schools have used) that you can use to educate yourself without spending thousands of dollars per semester.

Here are a few of my favorite that span a few disciplines in filmmaking. Also, if you can’t buy theses books then hit up your library. Yes, a Library – free books! 🙂

I Love this book!

For my writers out there!

For the future Producers out there!

With every project you learn
something, definitely take in the
lessons learned from these folk!

For the aspiring ADs out there.
This book is gold and
currently on my shelf!

Anyone trying to become
a Director of Photography?
This is your Bible

Do you have a set recommendation? Please share it with me and I’ll put it up here! Any questions? Contact me here. 🙂