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Scarlett Ramos Summer 2023 Alumni

I was offered the role at Paramount today to work with CBS as a sports trainee. Thank you so much. I couldn't be more excited and I will probably say thank you a million times over because my previous resume was not getting me tons of jobs offers and now because of you and your expertise I am here now. Thank you so much Amber!

Ebony Thurman Summer 2018 Alumni

I started Beyond Film School with no film experience. I took the leap and never looked back. One big takeaway of Amber's course is that people in the industry want to share their knowledge, and every conversation you have can lead to your next gig, so don't be nervous that you're just starting. They were in your shoes at one point too!

Evan Squire Winter 2021 Alumni

The Set PA Training Course with Amber was an awesome, in-depth experience that gave me the knowledge, confidence, and network to set foot and succeed on a film set. The course provided hands-on training to learn how to communicate and what is expected of you on set as a PA. Amber is an amazing instructor who sincerely wants to see you succeed. She is incredibly friendly and generous with her time, and will always give you honest feedback and advice about getting started in the industry. Lastly, the improvements Amber made to my resume instantly made an impact and I was able to book my first job a month after taking the class. If you have always dreamed about working on a film set but have no idea where to start, start with Beyond Film School!

Beyond Film School was founded by Amber M. Sherman. A DGA Assistant Director with her roots in the Independent film industry. 

I believe in empowering those who think they can’t have a career in film that they actually can! Im helping those that were like me when I first started – zero contacts, no idea how to get in, with no film school education.

I care about your goals, and where you want to go, and do everything I can to help everyone that takes any Beyond Film School trainings, courses, or workshops. I want to help build your confidence so you succeed.

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