Beyond film school welcome

A career in the Film Industry is not an easy endeavor. It takes time, dedication, patience, and a good attitude to “make it” in the Film Industry. This industry is NOT for the thinned skin, or for the faint of heart. So, of course you also have to be tough! The competition is fierce to break in. We want to prepare you for this world. Unfortunately it is WHO you know in this industry. If you have no connection to the film world Beyond Film School can help you make those connections you need. All it takes is one person! One person to get the ball rolling for your career to flourish.

Beyond Film School is dedicated to giving people a chance in the Film Industry. 

  • Regardless of where you come from.
  • If you put the work in – we will!
  • We want to help you get successful in the Film Industry.

We give you the Confidence you need to go far in this industry!

Here at Beyond Film School you get:

We take you Beyond Film School and into the Film Industry. We want you to make it, be successful, and have a great career!