Some Common Questions about Beyond Film School


  • How Big are the Classes?

Each Set PA class is limited to 15 trainees to ensure that each participate receives the proper attention needed to fully benefit from the course.


  • Am I Guaranteed a Job If I Take the Set PA Course?

The short answer is no. There is no guarantee that you will get a job/gig through Beyond Film School. We try to give you all the resources to increase your chances to network, get yourself out there, and prepare you to be able to step on set and prove yourself. Some trainees have gone on to work with Amber on her sets, and have been referred by her as well, but again that is not guaranteed for each trainee. Please see the success of past trainees here.

  • Can I visit the Set that my instructor is working on?

No. Your instructor is a working professional, and unfortunately can not bring visitors to set at any time.


  • What is Resume Review vs Resume Finalization?

A resume review is simply that, your resume gets looked over. You will get a round of notes about your resume and that is it. Resume Finalization is us working with you to finalize a resume. This usually takes a few rounds of notes from us and you revising your resume to get it finalized.


  • Can I Talk Directly to Amber?

Beyond Film School offers a one-on-one consultation for anything you want to discuss in the film industry. Please visit the Services page to book her time.  This can be in-person in the NJ/NYC area, or video chat.

If you become one of her Set PA Trainees then yes you do have access to speak with Amber.


  • If I sign up for the Set PA Online Course, how long do I have access? 

You have access to the materials and the course itself for 1 full year from signing up!


  • What’s the Benefit to Taking the Set PA In-Person Training, When I can take the Online Set PA Course instead?

Well the first thing would be you don’t get to meet anyone. My Class also acts as a Networking chance as well. My trainees go on to work with each other in all kinds of different capacities.

You also don’t get the chance to talk to me directly like all my trainees do. I get to know them, and if it works out I recommend them to certain gigs that might be happening.

You also don’t get the hands-on walkie training, or the lock-up practice/demonstration.

  • Is there a Certification for the Online Set PA Course?

Yes! Once you complete the course your certificate will be available to download.


If you have any other questions, feel free to submit your question below.