Frequently Asked questions for Beyond Film schoolFrequently Asked Questions


  • How long is the Mentorship?

The mentorship is tailored to what you need. It depends on what your goals are,and what you want to do in your career. Your mentor will be there for you when you need them. Maybe you only need them for a couple months to get things off the ground, maybe you need them for a year. It depends on you and your needs.


  • Does the mentorship guarantee me a job?

The short answer is no. But the longer answer is that we try our hardest to get you work. During job shadowing, and your first few days on set with your instructor it is expected that you network, make connections, and talk to others on set. We will put your name out there, what you do after that to keep getting hired is up to you. You get what you put into it. We open the door for you. It is your responsibility to take those opportunities and to expand your circle professionally.


  • Do you offer the mentorship on a scholarship basis?

Yes! We need more women, people of color, and lower income residents to get in the film industry. Please email ([email protected]) to be considered for the Set PA training mentorship scholarship. This is based on need, and space for each class. We want at least 1 person to be on a scholarship basis on the mentorship program.


  • How big are the classes?

Space is limited to the mentorship course. It is limited to 10 mentees per quarter. We want to make sure the mentees get the attention they need. You will have more time and attention from your instructor with the class size being limited.  The Set PA training Only class is bigger.


  • What is the difference if I am a mentee or just taking the Set PA training?

The mentorship involves a lot more time and effort on both the mentor and mentee. There is an interview process, job referrals, resume finalization, quarterly meetings. More communication back and forth that is involved when you are a mentee. If you sign up for just the Set PA training you are only getting that. You are just getting trained to be a Set PA. The mentorship program involves you getting trained as a Set PA along with so much more involving your goals as well as getting your name out there.


  • What is Resume Review vs Resume Finalization?

A resume review is simply that, your resume gets looked over. You will get a round of notes about your resume and that is it. Resume Finalization is us working with you to finalize a resume. This usually takes a few rounds of notes from us and you revising your resume to get it finalized.


  • Can I talk directly to Amber?

Beyond Film School offers a one-on-one consultation for anything you want to discuss in the film industry. Please visit the Services page to book her time.  This can be in-person in the NJ/NYC area, or video chat.


If you have any other questions, feel free to submit your question below.