All About Networking and What It Really Means


Networking is a huge part on how you will gain more gigs, more work, and it basically equates to you getting your pay check. It can be very hard for a lot of people getting the hang of it. But it’s not as easy as just throwing your business card in someone’s face, (please don’t ever do this!) it’s so much more than that. You have to make a sincere connection with a person!

Networking Tips:

  • Volunteer at film festivals.
  • If the Crew is going out for drinks after something you worked on – GO OUT WITH THEM. (No – this doesn’t mean you have to drink)
  • Is a short film you worked on having a screening? GO!
  • Help that friend make their small short film project.
  • Join film groups on Facebook.
  • Talk to people! Don’t talk at them about what you need/want in your career. Have a normal conversation.
  • Do a great job while you’re on set! Start building a good rep for yourself.  The better you are at your job the more the people on that set will hire you for the next gig.
  • Bring those business cards! But that doesn’t mean going up to random people and throwing a business card in their face then walking away. (I’ve seen this happen!) That’s the fast track for your card going straight to the floor, and not in their pocket.  The words: “I need to get your info” is your cue to give your card to them. Ya gotta be smooth with it!
  • People Talk! DON’T create a bad reputation for yourself. While some people think film is a big industry it is in fact very small. The more you work, the more familiar faces you’ll see. You don’t want to be remembered with a bad rep.

It’s worth searching these websites to see the closest networking event near you.


Facebook also has a lot of events that involve networking for film.

Look in other types of events as well to network and expand your education on the film industry. 

  • Seminars
  • Film Challenges
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Rental Houses that have Equipment Education Sessions
  • Guest Panel Discussions
  • Group Writing/Feedback Sessions
Please beware of events that charge you. Be sure to research the people or organization that is putting on the event. You want it to be worth your time. Trust your instincts.

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Want more info on how to make connections in the industry? Watch the video!