Resume Services

Did you look at our resume tips page? We hope so! If not please go there and correct anything on your resume that is addressed on that page.

Resume Review

Now that we have all those common mistakes fixed we can get into your personalized resume review. Here you will submit your resume, and we will give you a round of notes. We like to know your goals in the industry so we give you the right feedback. Let us know what your resume is trying to say. We will let you know what the overall impression you’re giving through your resume – what works and what doesn’t.

Review is through Email only. One round of notes on your resume.

Resume Finalization

We know that you can build a great resume after we gave you that one round of notes, but if you feel you want us to stick around and help you finalize your resume we can do that too! Through email we give about 2 or 3 more rounds after you revise your resume until we get a resume that makes us both happy.

Finalization is through Email only. 

Post-Review 30 Minute Phone Consultation

Did you want to hop on the phone with us to really dig deep to find out what your resume needs? Sometimes a phone call is all you need to finalize your resume on your own.

This includes one round of notes through email and a phone call after notes are received. 

One Hour (In-Person) Resume Review/ Career Counseling

If you are in the NYC area and want to do this all in person we can do this too. Sometimes just sitting down with someone and getting feedback is all you need to get things going.

After the review you do have the option of finalizing your resume with us. 

Let’s Begin!

Resume Review $34.95

Resume Review + Resume Finalization $59.95

Resume Review + Post-Review 30 Minute Phone Consultation $69.95

Resume Review + Resume Finalization + Post-Review 30 Minute Phone Consultation $84.95

In-Person/One-on-One Consultation $94.95


After payment is received you will be contacted for scheduling and resume.