Do they Deserve to Lose Their Careers?

beyond film school do they deserve to lose their careers

Do they Deserve to Lose Their Careers?

The allegations against men is creating quite an era, to say the very least. Being a woman I’m glad women are speaking out about what has happened to them. It’s finally starting a conversation that needed to be had for a long while now. This is also taking down some careers of very wealthy, famous men.

I ask myself: Do these men deserve to lose their careers over this? Well, when you add up that entertainment is 90% about the PR game then a lot of companies will def say YES! and boot the guy out the door. The sad thing is that it NEVER use to be like this. It’s only recently that they are being shamed and all in all punished.

Random side thought: Chris Brown is still making music. Like what?! He beat Rihanna, but since he didn’t rape her he still gets to make millions. When we all know he’s a scumbag. People will give the argument that people can change. Violence within a person is VERY hard to change. He the perfect example of how men were able to still continue their careers, that was back in 2009!


Do people still want to see Kevin Spacey on the screen? I can say that I’m unable to see him in the same light ever again. It def would distract me from whatever I was watching that he happens to be in. So long American Beauty!

I remember a time when anyone would kill to work with Weinstein. People knew that if you had a connection anywhere close to Weinstein your career was made. Not now.

I mean Bill Cosby – God Damn. It’s almost heart breaking to hear these things when you’re a fan of their work. But I can easily say “Peace-out!” when I discover that a person drugged and raped a number of women.

So, let’s bring it back to the question: Do they deserve to lose their careers? I could answer this the politically correct answer or I can give you what I really think. I’d say yeah, and I wouldn’t give a damn whether they’d end up unemployed, homeless and on the street. I’d also volunteer to punch them in the face.  A lot of guys will say it was just one mistake. But I’m willing to bet that it was just the mistake that they chose the wrong women to do that to. I mean there is always a first time when a guy will try to get one past a woman, but do you honestly think Louis C.K. just whipped it out a couple times just recently. C’mon! that guy was powerful in the comedic world for a while now. He used the power structure argument for the reason why he did what he did. Saying something along the lines of of when you have power over someone you do some not so smart things or some shit. Like dude…

Can’t say I’d ever care to watch any of his shows or stand up ever again.

All in all the answer to the question, if the allegations are truly sexual assault do they deserve to lose their careers? If I refuse to watch them any longer, or work on their projects, there are also other viewers, producers, and crew members like me having the same mindset. If you have no audience, and no one that wants to work with you – Then yes you got what you deserved. You deserved to lose your career.

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