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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break through that film industry wall, build those strong relationships and create an action plan that will launch your film career forward! You’ll feel more confident discussing your future with those who have influence, and open up more opportunities while NOT competing with your peers. Through the effective Film Career Launch Pad Workshop you can leap beyond being a dreamer wanting to be in film, and achieve your desired position in film.

What You Get:

  • Goal Setting Strategy

  • Getting Your Elevator Pitch Down!

  • HOW to find YOUR People

  • Email and Text Templates for Making Connections & Reconnecting

  • Know the 1st Impression You Give Off

  • Daily and Monthly To-Do's to Reach Your Film Goals

  • HOW to Pay it Forward

  • WHERE and WHEN to Network

  • WHO to Network With

  • List of Conversations Starters

  • PDF of Powerpoint

  • Eligibility in the Beyond Film School Film Challenge

  • Entry into the Private Alumni Facebook Group

  • Beyond Film School Alumni Status

  • Graduation Gift!

  • Leave feeling confident you have the tools you need to take control of your career!
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