Want to Get Further Faster in Your Film Career?

Next Workshop: March 10, 2024


Deadline to Register: February 26, 2024 

Is This You? You're Not Alone

  • Do you have dreams of getting into Film, but not sure where to start?

  • Are you a Set Production Assistant and want to move up?

  • Have you hit a barrier, or wall in your film career?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break through that film industry wall, build those strong relationships and execute an action plan that will launch your film career forward! 

You’ll walk away feeling more confident, having more opportunities while NOT competing with your peers. 

Get unstuck and achieve your Film Dreams while having the Beyond Film School community behind you. 

Amanda Zodo Aspiring Assistant Director

I did exactly what Amber said to do. I did the work, and got on set a few days later! Just from putting fear aside, following the guidance that Amber gave.

Zach Maldonado Aspiring Director of Photography

Working in the entertainment industry is not for everyone. But working with Amber will really put into perspective how you can achieve it with effort and passion.

What You Get!

  • Personal Attention with a Small Class size

  • Getting Your Elevator Pitch Down!

  • HOW to Find YOUR People

  • Learn the 1st Impression You Give Off – How People View YOU.

  • Confidence Builders

  • Learn WHERE to Focus Your Efforts

  • WHERE and WHEN to Make Connections While Being Yourself

  • Goal Setting Strategy

  • Personal Action Plan to Target Your Film Goals

  • WHO to talk to and HOW to do it

  • Eligibility in the Beyond Film School Film Challenge (Make Your Own Short Film!)

  • Entry into the Private Alumni Facebook Group

  • Beyond Film School Alumni Status

Becoming a Beyond Film School Alumni Expands Your Circle and Opportunities!

Make Your First Film with the BFS Film Challenge

Attend Film Industry Mixers

BFS Alumni Meeting New Trainees!

BFS Film Challenge Screening & Awards

Meet Your Instructor: Hi I'm Amber!

A career in film was honestly not even an option for a girl like me from my background. I was so stubborn! My rebelliousness was ridiculous, and I thought I didn’t need anyone’s help to get me anywhere in my film career. To top it off I never, ever dared to ask for help from anyone. 

I was truly holding myself back from all the opportunities.

Yet, here I am, a woman who’s beaten the odds of having zero contacts, no film school, and no idea how to break into a socially inclined industry as a DGA Assistant Director on big budget movies, and TV shows.  


To make TV, to make movies, you need people. So your film career – you also need people!


I remember the days where I was just waiting around for my next day on set, wondering why I wasn’t getting asked back to work, or why I wasn’t moving up. Once it all clicked I started to move up and fast! And I want to help you do the same. You can save a lot of time and pain learning from my mistakes. 


I’ve taken people with no contacts, zero days on set to them saying no to gigs because they’re getting too much work!

Workshop Details

  • Location: NYC, NY (Brooklyn)

  • This is an in-person workshop

  • Space is Limited

(You’ll receive the address once full roster is confirmed)

  • Time: Sunday 9am – 5pm 

  • Materials Needed: An open mind, a good attitude, and whatever you need to take notes.

  • Cost: $197 per person

(NON-REFUNDABLE $75 Deposit is required to reserve your seat, space is limited.)

Do You Want to Stop Waiting Around for Your Film Career to Flourish?


Deadline to Register: February 26, 2024 


Email: Beyondfilmschool@gmail.com