Special Discount for Set Production Assistant Online Trainees



Because you bought the Set Production Assistant Online Course you get the special gift of 50% off the One-on-One Consult with Amber if you’d like.

During my Set PA course that I do in person I really do get to connect, go a little deeper, and answer any questions a trainee might have. They spend the whole day with me. A whole 8 hours! They really get to pick my brain, and pick my brain, they do!



You, unfortunately, don’t get that luxury with the online course. That is why I am dropping the price for you! I want to be available for you.



Full Price

One-on-One Consult = $94.95

You can check out my services page for the full price.



Special Discount Online Trainee Price = $47.48

That’s 50% off the Regular Price!




Once I receive your order of your discounted One-on-One session I will email you to schedule the session. We can do a zoom meeting, phone call, whatever you prefer.