Special Discount for Set Production Assistant Online Trainees



Because you bought the Set Production Assistant Online Course you get the special gift of 50% off the One-on-One Consult with Amber if you’d like.

During my Set PA course that I do in person I really do get to connect, go a little deeper, and answer any questions a trainee might have. They spend a whole 2 days of training with me! They really get to pick my brain, and pick my brain, they do!



You, unfortunately, don’t get that luxury with the online course. That is why I am dropping the price for you! I want to be available for you.



Full Price

One-on-One Consult = $149.00

You can check out my services page for the full price.



Special Discount Online Trainee Price = $74.50

That’s 50% off the Regular Price!


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Once I receive your order of your discounted One-on-One session I will email you to schedule the session on Zoom.