Set Production Assistant Kit

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Set Production Assistant Kit

Be 100% prepared and ready when you set on a film set! This kit has everything you need to have a great first day, or to even elevate your Set PA skills to make your day easier, and for you to look more professional on set.

These kits are limited! Specially Curated to make sure you're prepared for your first day on set!

Your Kit includes:

  • Set PA Book: "Gofers - On the Front Lines of Film and Television" By Daniel Scarpati
  • Walkie Surveillance Mic for the Industry Standard Walkie (Motorola CP 200)
  • Comfy Ear Mould for Surveillance
  • Black Moisture Resistant Acoustic Tube Earpiece Replacement Coil Surveillance
  • LED handsfree head lamp for those early morning and Late Fraturdays
  • 2" Pocket knife, that can fit on your key chain
  • Industry standard and coveted Erasable Pen
  • Quad color Pen
  • Beyond Film School Black Sharpie
  • Special Free Gift!
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