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The Paperwork Production Assistant position is primarily a NYC position in film, and also some other small areas on the east coast. It is highly sought after! It is rare to find a great Paperwork PA, and if you gain this skill it will definitely raise your chances of being hired.

As an Assistant Director it is VERY hard to find a Paperwork PA.

While this position is only really in the NYC area, managing the Production Report is a primary responsibility of the Assistant Director in other main film markets around the US. (LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Albuquerque, etc)

Topics covered in the training:

- Tackling the Production Report

- Communicating with the Production Office

- Working with your Key 2nd Assistant Director

- How to communicate with heads of departments

- What is manpower and how to get it

- What to expect in any given day

- Working with the UPM

- Startwork and verifying i-9s

- Wrap duties

- What you need to start prep

With this training you receive excel templates of Production Reports, and examples or paperwork shown.

The Video is 1 hour an 31 minutes long

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