Key Production Assistant Training workshop

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The Key Production Assistant is such an important position on a film set, and it can be very overwhelming! This training will give you the real view of what to expect as a Key Set PA, and how to do it gracefully.

The training will cover:

- What a typical day is like for a Key PA

- What Your Assistant Directors expect of you

- Responsibilities of a Key PA

- Communicating with the Assistant Directors

- How to Handle working with High Profile Actors, Directors, and Producers

- Hiring Additional Set PAs

- Working with Teamsters

- How to Train Green PAs

- Being an affective leader on set, and leading the Set PAs

This training is for those who have experience and ready to jump into being a Key Set PA, or for those that are curious what Key PAs do and want to work their wya up to this position in the future.

For this training you will be receiving excel template on how to organize hiring your additional Set PAs.

This training video is 1 Hour and 35 minutes

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