Excel One-Liner Schedule for Narrative Projects

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If you are not using Movie Magic Scheduler this is the perfect template to use. When I'm not doing a big feature I don't want to use Movie Magic, and this is my go-to template! It's easy to customize, you can open it, and edit right in Google Sheets. No special program needed! Perfect for anyone just starting out as an Independent Assistant Director / Non-Union Assistant Director.

I also left in a few of my times and notes to give examples of notes you can add so you don't forget when you start shooting.

This one-liner is super easy to use, customize, and export to PDF. The Color coding is exactly what I use, but if you want different colors you can change those.

This template is 21 days long. All you need to do is delete rows, or add them as needed.

~ Color coded

~ Location options

~ Character list

~ Drop down menu for select options

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