Set P.A. Training ONLY

Beyond Film School Set PA training

Training Class Date: Sunday March 4, 2019

Time: 9am-5pm (with lunch break)

Materials needed: Pen, Notebook, and an Open Mind!

(Prep/Dress for the weather – as there will be an outside portion to the class)

Cost: $145 per person ($50 deposit required to reserve your seat)

What you get: 

  • Walkie Training/Etiquette
  • Film set terms
  • Photos/Visuals of what you see on set
  • Examples of paperwork from set
  • How to get jobs/Where to find them
  • Set Expectations
  • What your “boss” expects of you
  • What a PA does
  • Resume review  – let’s get your resume to look better so you get those interviews/callbacks!
  • Question/Answer session – Ask your instructor anything.
  • You will be added to the Beyond Film School team of PA’s. Your instructor may potentially hire you to one of their sets!

We prepare you for your first day on set so you don’t look like a Newbie!


No application required for this class.

Deposit is required to reserve you seat, space is limited. Last day to register for this class is October 10th.

$50 – deposit due at sign up. Remaining balance due October 6th, 2018 (If you sign up this day and after till October 10th the full balance will have to be recieved.)

There are no refunds, and no exchanges for a different class date.




Full course amount:


Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your seat.

Want a bit more than just the class? Consider the Mentorship. Mentorship includes job shadowing, job referral, resume review and finalization, help with business cards, monthly feedback, help with networking, constant open communication with instructor. We help you till you don’t need us! We assist with anything you got going on and help you might need along the way. Not sure what to do with a certain situation that comes up? You can contact us anytime. Once you’re a mentee we got your back!