Application fee: $15.00 

Entire Course and Mentorship: $595

  • Full Payment to be made if accepted within 7 days.

This is a one time payment. There are no additional payments needed. 

What You Get:

  • 6 Hour Class
  • Job Shadowing/Interning on set
  • Feedback/Critique
  • Surveillance Mic for Walkie
  • Finalized Resume
  • Job referral
  • Mentorship
  • Networking Events

Beyond film school wants to promote diversity in gender, race, and income in the film industry. If you feel you can not afford the mentorship program you can apply on a scholarship basis. We choose one candidate per class on a scholarship basis.

8 Hour Class only: $175.00 

  • This DOES NOT include Job shadowing
  • This DOES NOT include Resume Finalization
  • This DOES NOT include Job Referral
  • This DOES NOT include mentorship
  • This DOES NOT include the BFS networking events


You will receive a resume review. (One round of notes from your instructor)

Maybe all you want is to learn is what to know to be ready on a film set. The course will do that.

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Once you accept our offer to be placed into the mentorship program there are no refunds once fully paid.  Like everything –  you get what you put into it. Job Placement is NOT guaranteed.